Matergenics offers the complete solution for your municipal asset management needs.  From bridges, lighting and traffic structures to highway signage structures and concrete foundations – they are all covered with our comprehensive services.

We help take the guesswork out of managing your critical assets by utilizing Matergenics’s knowledge-based inspections to assess and evaluate your structures and our comprehensive repair and corrosion mitigation abilities to restore and extend the life of those structures.  Matergenics also provides GIS mapping and data management to support your asset management systems. And, rest assured that all Matergenics services are performed by NACE, ASNT and AWS certified professionals.


Many inspection companies rely on a unreliable “look, dig, see” approach using a hand shovel to determine the likelihood of corrosion on embedded assets. Unfortunately, this approach does not take into consideration internal corrosion or the deeply embedded areas that cannot be visually observed.

Matergenics’s structural inspection process includes time-proven methods from the pipeline industry which include measuring electrochemical potential values and soil resistivity to predict corrosion profiles at lower depths. Our corrosion evaluation staff skillfully identifies structures at risk of corrosion, estimates corrosion rates, makes corrosion life-expectancy determinations and establishes an accurate baseline that can be referenced when future inspections are conducted.

The Matergenics corrosion risk assessment team includes PhDs, registered professional engineers and NACE-certified inspectors from a variety of technical disciplines including mechanical engineering, paint inspection, chemistry, metallurgy and materials science. We also have a comprehensive array of laboratory and field testing equipment, all calibrated on a routine basis in accordance with both national and international standards.

Matergenics customers benefit by receiving the latest skill-sets and technologies in on-site inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), non-destructive examination (NDE), laboratory testing and engineering analysis which helps them identify potential problems and reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failures.

Protect the people, property and assets in your care – Contact Dr. Zee at 412-952-9441 or the corrosion inspection experts at Matergenics at info@matergenics.

It’s Matergenics Complete – the turnkey solution that eliminates the stress of coordinating multiple vendors. Contact us today at 412-952-9441.

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