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Because a single pole or tower failure can be catastrophic, it is essential for electric utilities, wireless telecommunication tower site owners, municipalities, commercial property owners and other individuals responsible for public safety to routinely retain the services of NACE-certified inspectors. Matergenics Services, Inc., provides structural integrity inspection and risk assessment services for aging infrastructure including T&D towers, power poles, cell towers, monopoles and high-mast lighting towers, in addition to a wide range of similarly critical structures.


·      Transmission Tower x                Inspection  ·      Pole/Lattice Tower Inspection
·      Communication Tower               Inspection ·      Galvanized, Cor-Ten and Painted
·      Corrosion Inspection and         Analysis ·      Failure Investigations & FEA
·      Cathodic Protection                    Inspection ·      Anchor Rod Inspection and Failure
·      Non-Destructive                          Inspection ·      Evaluation of Pack Out
·      Paint and Coating                       Inspection ·      Technical Audit of  Pole Plants
·      Remaining Life                              Estimations ·      Pole/Lattice Integrity Assessment
·      Quality Control                              Inspection ·      Computerized On-Site Inspections
·      Crack Growth Monitoring ·      Visual On-Site Inspections
·      Hurricane Damage                      Evaluation ·      On-site and Laboratory Investigation




Matergenics Services has years of experience in all aspects of on-site and laboratory inspection and assessment of utility and traffic poles plus lattices and transmission towers. Our team includes Ph.D.s, registered professional engineers, and certified inspectors from a variety of technical disciplines, including mechanical engineering, paint inspection, chemistry, metallurgy and materials science. We also have a comprehensive array of laboratory and field testing equipment, all calibrated on a routine basis in accordance with both national and international standards. This team is ready to be put to use at a moment’s notice for inspection and investigation of:

            1-Galvanized and Cor-ten Utility Poles and Transmission Lattice Towers

            2-Galvanized and Cor-ten Traffic and High Mast Lighting Poles

            3-Aluminium Traffic and Light Pole

Corrosion on transmission-line towers and poles is directly related to the atmospheric and soil conditions present for the unique location of a given pole structure, as well as to the materials of manufacturing and the quality of these materials.

             1-Internal corrosion due to the presence or entrapment of corrosive water (electrolyte)

             2-External corrosion due to corrosive atmospheric and environmental conditions

             3-Fatigue of Traffic and Light Poles due to wind loading and inadequate design

             4-Manufacturing defects and improper paint coating selection and application

             5-Little or no maintenance in corrosive environment

             6-Accumulation of debris and soil under base plate



Dealing with the effects of corrosion is an ongoing struggle for most industries. Because it affects the performance and lifespan of your assets, incorporating a scientifically proven corrosion mitigation program is one of the most important decisions a company can make.MATERGENICS offers a wide array of services in this area designed to mitigate the risk of corrosion and extend the service life of aging assets including poles, towers, anchor rods, tanks, pipelines, and other equipment located in corrosive conditions. These services include cathodic protection to effectively protect underground or submerged metallic structures and materials engineering to improve performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness of both processes and products. Additionally, we offer services designed to produce meaningful data to help in making informed and efficient pre-planning management and purchase decisions. We also offer repair services for damaged coatings, above and below grade and design for structural repair.

Matergenics – Cathodic Protection Brochure – 1


Recent articles in Materials Performance, the official trade publication of NACE International, were co-authored by Dr. Zee (M. Zamanzadeh, PhD, NACE and ASM Fellow), Director of Matergenics Services’ Corrosion and Materials Engineering, and Lana Gilpin-Jackson, Specialist Engineer in Lines Strategy and Standards for BC Hydro. Packed with useful information, the article educates and informs the reader on many important factors related to the life of galvanized steel structures and corrosion risk assessment. The content of the two-part article is pertinent to anyone responsible for electric reliability and grid asset management at electric utilities.

• Part 1 – Corrosion Risk Assessment of Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Structures
• Part 2 – Corrosion Risk Assessment of Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Structures

Further corrosion inspection information is available. Download free Matergenics white papers to learn more about these relevant topics:

• Laboratory and Field Corrosion Investigation of Galvanized Utility Poles
• Electrochemical Testing on Above and Below Grade Structures

Additional technical papers and resources are available in the Library

The corrosion inspection experts at Matergenics Services provide customers across North America with a thorough, Knowledge-Based Inspection (KBI).

Matergenic’s proven KBI methodology provides an accurate assessment of the current-state condition of aging infrastructure and detects hidden corrosion on the embedded and internal portions of assets such as utility poles, transmission towers, lattice towers, monopoles, light poles and anchor rods without the need for extensive and costly excavation.


Many inspection companies rely on a unreliable “look, dig, see” approach using a hand shovel to determine the likelihood of corrosion on embedded assets. Unfortunately, this approach does not take into consideration internal corrosion or the deeply embedded areas that cannot be visually observed.

Matergenics’s structural inspection process includes time-proven methods from the pipeline industry which include measuring electrochemical potential values and soil resistivity to predict corrosion profiles at lower depths. Our corrosion evaluation staff skillfully identifies structures at risk of corrosion, estimates corrosion rates, makes corrosion life-expectancy determinations and establishes an accurate baseline that can be referenced when future inspections are conducted.

The Matergenics corrosion risk assessment team includes PhDs, registered professional engineers and NACE-certified inspectors from a variety of technical disciplines including mechanical engineering, paint inspection, chemistry, metallurgy and materials science. We also have a comprehensive array of laboratory and field testing equipment, all calibrated on a routine basis in accordance with both national and international standards.

Matergenics customers benefit by receiving the latest skill-sets and technologies in on-site inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), non-destructive examination (NDE), laboratory testing and engineering analysis which helps them identify potential problems and reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failures.


We are here to help. We respond to all customers promptly by sending a technical proposal to address testing, investigation and the proposal costs. Please call Dr. Zee at 412-952-9441  or Matergenics at 412-788-1263 and let us know how we can assist you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Contact Dr. Zee at 412-952-9441 or the corrosion inspection experts at Matergenics at info@matergenics.

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